Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Official...

Mark and I have become the kind of people who have nothing to say unless it has to do with Jaxon. I think it's just because we are at a point where nothing is ever new with us, but Jaxon is constantly changing. And you have to admit, when you have kids, no one cares about you anymore, they just care about the baby, which is totally okay. So, on that note, here are some more pictures of Jaxon.

I love the wrinkles on his forehead that make him look like an old man.
He is at the age where he smiles all of the time and loves attention.
We are keeping our fingers crossed that his eyes will stay blue. So far, so good.
Whoever invented the baby bjorn is amazing. Jaxon loves to face outward and looks around while I am able to get things done. Half of the time he even ends up falling asleep from all of the movement.


  1. You have a beautiful little boy and a beautiful family! :)

  2. I love seeing all the great pictures of your family. You are a great mom! I miss you guys!
    Tami :-)

  3. Sweet pictures! You look so pretty (and well rested:)) in the last picture.