Friday, November 21, 2008

Food Food, Wonderful Food!

Mark and I went to get all of our groceries for Thanksgiving dinner today, and you wouldn't believe we got our turkey for 37 cents a pound! You gotta love the sales at Randall's. The funny thing is, I don't even really enjoy turkey. I am a ham kinda girl myself. This will be the first year that I make Thanksgiving dinner. I gotta admit, I am a little nervous, but I love trying new things in the kitchen. It will be an adventure. On another note.... I am soooo HAPPY that Mark is home. I had a nice time with family and friends while he was gone, but we sure did miss him while he was gone! Jaxon went to his four month check-up this week. The poor little guy; his head is in the 75%, weight is 55%, and his height is 15%! Maybe one day he will grow into his head! I think it makes him even cuter! Here are some random cute pictures this month.....

Jaxon loves his cousin Stephen

He always loves his grandpa time. He will laugh and laugh while he talks to him.
Bundled up to help with Christmas lights outside.


  1. That's funny becuase his head doesn't look big at all! He is SOOOOOOOOOO cute! In fact, he has one of the cutest, most perfectly round heads I have ever seen on a baby.

    Good luck with Thanksgiving! That is quite the undertaking. I'm impressed! :)

  2. Such great pictures! He is such a cutie. Audrey's head is off the charts. The put 100 percent, but it was above the chart, and her height is about 15 and weight about 50, too. I don't think he looks like he has a big head. He looks fantastic. My Ob/Gyn said that kids with big heads do better at school, so yeah for Jaxon!