Saturday, December 20, 2008

I love my life...

My sweet baby boy turned 5 months old a few days ago. It is hard for me to believe it. I love this age and I love being able to stay at home with him, watching him grow every minute. This month:
-he loves to laugh at Ozzy...he thinks his dog is sooooo funny!
-his favorite baby foods are green beans and pears
-he is fitting into 6-9 month clothes, but of course they are a little long for him since he is in the 15% for height.
-has discovered his tongue
-enjoys playing in his exersaucer
-has a pretty set schedule and sleeps really well
-rolls over
-loves it when his daddy comes home

It is so amazing to see the growth and development that babies go through at such a rapid pace. He is changing and getting more and more personality everyday. Mark comes home from work most days and swears that he looks taller. We've had a lot of fun with him this month. We were able to go to our ward Christmas party(until we had to take him home early due to over-stimulation), Bethlahem in Burnet, Zilker Park, and lots more. Anyways. Here are some pictures of our sweet baby.
All dressed up for the ward Christmas party

Just got back from our walk. Silly boys!
Hanging out in the garage
In Burnet after waiting in line for two hours...

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  1. How many times can we say he is soooo cute! Even Elisabeth is sitting here telling me how cute he is. You and Mark look great too! We miss you guys! Love the Christmas party pictures. Love you!