Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fat Head!!

at six months:
height: 25 1/4 inches (poor guy) 10%
weight: 17 pounds 9 ounces 50%
Head circ: 44.6..........75%!!!


  1. Woah! But.. I guess it could be bigger! He is so cute even with a big head. :)

  2. I loved your title! He sure is cute, even with a big head. (If you hadn't said anything, I wouldn't think he had a big head-just to let you know.)

  3. Jaxon is super cute! Have no worries though, my son was in the 90th percentile in height, weight, and head size when he was only 2 months and on! Ugh.

    And this is a totally an "I am old" kind of comment, but I'm going to do it anyway...
    Your cute little family reminds me of myself when I was new mom with one little boy and loved being a mom only I didn't have a blog to blag about it!

  4. He looks super cute and well proportioned to me! I can't believe he is so tiny! Nathan was that size at 2 months, but then, Nathan is HUGE! :)