Thursday, February 19, 2009

Holy Cow! When does it ever slow down???

My handsome little boy just turned 7 MONTHS yesterday. I can't believe he is closer to a year than to when he was born. I must say, I excited to be closer to being done with breast feeding, but am very sad my little baby is not so little anymore! He sure is turning into a chunky monkey! I am pretty sure he weighs like 19 pounds now. He has also become a quite mobile even though he is not quite crawling yet. He gets where he needs to go by rolling, moving in circles, and even scoots a little bit. Sometimes I leave the room and when I come back a minute later he is already on like the opposite side of where I left him. Crazy! He can also sit up on his own now, for short periods of time, and he is constantly saying "dadada". Mark thought it was really cute until he would continue to say it when he was upset, and then he wasn't sure he liked it so much any more. He has also started trying to pull up on things now. I am sure in for it now! He is such a joy in our home!!

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