Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last Saturday, Jaxon and I packed up and headed to Dallas with my mom to go and see my brother and his family. Gina had an emergency C-Section due to some complications with the baby. The baby was going to have to have surgery after they got her stabilized in the NICU....... but we were very blessed and a miracle happened. When they went to run tests after she was born, the issue went away. Even the doctors said it was something that had to be corrected with surgery, that it doesn't just dissapear and it was a miracle! We are so thankful that Gina and baby Brooklyn Elizabeth Duncan are both doing well. Brooklyn is still in the NICU but gets stronger every day and hopes to come home in a week. Jaxon and I had a great time watching after their kids Tyler and Jade while they were in the hospital. We were sad to leave them behind, but we are so grateful that things are going well. Congratulations Jonathan and Gina!
........and I am such a ding dong and forgot my camera everytime that I went to visit Brooklyn:(

Ty and Jaxon...Tyler always wanted to hold cute!

How I found Jaxon after his nap.
Grammy knows best!

We had such a fun time with Jade and Tyler!

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  1. Great Pictures! I am glad I found your new blog address, I thought you hadn't updated for awhile, but Mark told me last night. I miss ya!