Thursday, April 2, 2009

House full of fun!

Last week we had my brother and sister-in-law's kids stay with us for most of the week while Michael was in the hospital. He had a couple of seizures so they had to keep him to run tests and make sure he was recovering. We are grateful that he is home and slowly recovering. While they were there we had the kids: Stephen, Sara, Robyn, Cassidy, and their two dogs. We had a full house, but we had lots of fun. We brought our extra mattress out into the living room and basically had a slumber party for four days. We were kinda sad to have to give them back, but are so happy that Michael is able to be back home. We love you guys!

We decided to go to the park. Jaxon had a good time.

Sleepy time for Jaxon and Stephen
The girls had such a good time playing with Jaxon and he loved the attention!
Cassidy and Jaxon: cutest picture ever!

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