Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Like Father like Son

Anything Mark does.....Jaxon does too!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


HEB makes the best low-cal smoothies.  Strawberries and Cream light.
Love them!
(so does Jaxon)

The Lopez Family

Tami, Drew, and the kids were able to come visit for a week this month.  This is the first time that Jaxon was able to meet them.  He had sooo much fun.  I am sad these are the only pictures I took but Tami and Susan took more.  Elizabeth and Tyler kept Jaxon happy all week.  Jaxon loved Tami!  He warmed right up to her and even gave her lots of kisses:)  We had a great visit.  Thanks Tami!

First Official Hair Dye Party...Gone Bad??

Lauren, Jessica and I all wanted to get our hair done..but of course we had to do it ourselves cause it is WAY too expensive otherwise.  Jessica chose a beautiful dark brown and Lauren wanted just a few highlights.  I on the other hand waned drastic highlights to fix my two tone head of hair.  Let me tell you something about box highlights...NEVER EVER do them!!!  If you want highlights, get it done at a salon!  It will save you lots of trouble!  Jessica and Lauren's hair turned out beautiful.  I on the other hand looked like a (excuse my language) skunk hooker.  Soooo....the only thing we could think of to do was go and get a box of hair dye that was a darker blonde...and luckily it worked.  Sorry we didn't take after pictures...You'll just have to see us in person:)  Good times.

Thursday, September 10, 2009