Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Lopez Family

Tami, Drew, and the kids were able to come visit for a week this month.  This is the first time that Jaxon was able to meet them.  He had sooo much fun.  I am sad these are the only pictures I took but Tami and Susan took more.  Elizabeth and Tyler kept Jaxon happy all week.  Jaxon loved Tami!  He warmed right up to her and even gave her lots of kisses:)  We had a great visit.  Thanks Tami!

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  1. I miss Jaxon soooo much! He is such a sweet boy! So much fun and so good natured. We had a blast with you guys! Thank you for hanging out with us so much! Even Audrey is still talking about Jaxon. She asked where he was because she wanted to play with him. I love you guys! Give Jaxon a big hug and kiss from us all!