Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome to the family Bella!!

On Sunday Mark, Ozzy, and I drove up to Dallas to pick up Bella.  What a SWEETIE!  She is such a good dog.  We are so happy to have her!  The poor girl was living with an old woman who did not take very good care of her, and then she died so she ended up with a rescue.  The discovered she had two benign tumors and had to have surgery to remove them.  She also had not been fixed yet so they did that as well.  Bella has a cold/allergy and is on antibiotics to clear it up....but in the mean time she has a horrible hacking cough(not fun during the night!).  Jaxon is sooooo excited to have two dogs he almost can't contain himself!  She fits right in!


  1. What a cute dog. I love the name Bella. I told Mark you should name her Harriet to go with Ozzy. :-) What a fun house!

  2. Awww!! She is precious!! I'm glad yall saved her and I can't wait to meet her!!