Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

I am on the activities committee so I had to go up to the church to set up at noon.  James was nice and watched Jaxon for me while I was gone.  It turned out to be a big success.  It looked beautiful, lots of people came, there was yummy food, and more.  Good times.


This pretty much sums up Jaxon:

 Before Jaxon gets to it.....

                                                                                        And after.                             

Saturday, December 5, 2009


We pretty much had an awesome Thanksgiving!  We had tons of good food and played with the kiddos.  The boys got in a little bit of XBox time while the ladies got to chat.  Great start to the holidays.  I love my family!
Typical perfect Grammy playing with the youngins
The girls and Nick's girlfriend Kimberly's girls were mesmerized by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Isn't that cute?!
Best chef in the world!  Octavio brined the turkey overnight and I kid you not, the best turkey I have ever had!
Nick using my awesome electric carving knife for the first time on the YUMMY ham.