Saturday, December 5, 2009


We pretty much had an awesome Thanksgiving!  We had tons of good food and played with the kiddos.  The boys got in a little bit of XBox time while the ladies got to chat.  Great start to the holidays.  I love my family!
Typical perfect Grammy playing with the youngins
The girls and Nick's girlfriend Kimberly's girls were mesmerized by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Isn't that cute?!
Best chef in the world!  Octavio brined the turkey overnight and I kid you not, the best turkey I have ever had!
Nick using my awesome electric carving knife for the first time on the YUMMY ham.


  1. OMG I bet that would be so good to have Octavio cooking!!! And that is so fun Nick got to come home!! I love your family too!

  2. hey julie! i had no idea you linked to my blog till somebody arrived from it- you're baby is getting so big! it's good to 'see' you!

  3. ooh, an electric carving knife! I think I need one of those. . .

  4. So I have to tell you, Audrey was having a bad day, so I opened your blog and she loved sitting here and looking at all the pictures of Jaxon and the old videos. She had so much fun. It cheered her up a ton. Though she calls Julie Grandma Julie. Kind of cute. We miss you! We love you!