Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Congratulations Binky!

 Part of my family after Alina's shower was over
 My awesome husband who decided to block for Taylor so that she would have a sure win at the bouquet...sure enough it worked:)

Jaxon did pretty well all things considered, but thanks to my sweet brother and sister-in-law, Jaxon was able to skip out early on the festivities to sleep in his crib once he was DONE.
And there she is folks...Taken.  She got married in the San Antonio Temple.  Many of us were able to be there for the ceremony and it was beautiful.  Of course I bawled like a baby because my Baby sister was getting married.  I know I got married when I was just a few months older than her, but somehow it just seems different when the baby of the family gets married I guess. 
We were able to have a lovely reception afterwards at the J.  Of course I am a dummy and didn't take hardly any pictures but our good family friend Ginny was able to catch many beautiful moments with her photography. 
Love you Binky and I wish you guys all of the happiness in the world!

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  1. She looks so beautiful and happy! What a great sister you are! You all look great! Miss you guys!