Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best Birthday ever!

The last couple of years I do not really get excited about my birthday coming up but then end up having such a wonderful weekend...and yes I say weekend because it always ends up being a birthday extravaganza. As much as I would like to say that we never have to do anything for it, I am always pleasantly surprised by how sweet and loving everyone is to me. My Birthday was Friday and when Mark came home from work Thurday it already begain. He walked through the door with flowers and told me he was taking the next day I got to: sleep in:) wake up to breakfast made(yummy french toast), went to olive garden with my dear sweet mother for lunch, went shopping (by myself:)), and headed to cheesecake factory and games for dinner!! Then on Saturday my wonderful girlfriends all got together and took me out to lunch followed by family dinner at my sister's that my mom made. So of course it was not good for the diet as it turned out to be a weekend full of eating...but it was wonderful. Thanks everyone!!!
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  1. Happy Birthday! So glad you had such a fun weekend! You deserve it all! Love you!