Sunday, October 24, 2010

29 weeks

You know you are in your third trimester when:
-you wake up every hour at night
-it is hard to reposition and get comfortable
-you start to have a harder time shaving in the shower
-you need bigger (Yes, even BIGGER) maternity clothes
-have a harder time bending over to grab things
-you eat about half of what you used to but you still pack on the pounds
-go to the doctor every two weeks instead of four
-you can see baby moving around just looking at your belly

*Can't wait to meet this little one!


  1. You are beautiful! Can't wait to meet her! Do you think you will bless her in February or March or later? Let me know if you have a thought. I am HOPING to come for the blessing. I miss you guys! Love you! Give Jaxon a hug and kiss from me. :-)

  2. You look beautiful, adorable, and tiny. :) Can't wait to meet Miriam!!

  3. Look how cute you are! Getting so close to meeting your new little babe.