Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pace Bend





We had sooooo much fun! Of course we didn't pull into the park until dark so we had to drive around with our brights and a flashlight out the window to find the perfect spot. The spot we usually set up at was we did a little "off-roading" and found another place that we like even better. It was up on a hill filled with yellow flowers right next to the water. It was beautiful. Mark got right to setting up the tent while I manned the boy. Poor guy! We always forget to bring things like a hammer for when he is putting the stakes in. So after having the tent collapse more than once, he was able to make it work when our friends got there. We were a little hesitant about taking Jaxon since he hadn't gone since he was a year old. We were soooo glad that he did. He had so much fun skipping rocks, roasting marshmallows, running around playing ball, and playing with our friends who he calls Bave, Chessca, La, and Jim. My favorite was when he woke up in the morning to the sound of boats and repeating over and over "lawn mower!". Silly kid. Anyways...we can't wait to go again!!!
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