Monday, November 8, 2010

31 weeks


Slowly moving along. I hit 31 weeks yesterday. Everything is going relatively well. I had to go to the endocronologist this morning and turns out I probably have hypothyroidism now, but will know for sure tomorrow. It this is the case...I'm not surprised and I have to admit it would make sense to me because I have gained much more weight with this pregnancy than Jaxon's and have been SUPER tired lately. I know that comes with pregnancy anyways, so either fun. I love that Miriam is becomming so real to me more and more everyday as she is moving around and growing. I love her already. Crazy how that happens!!
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  1. Do you normally have thyroid issues or is this a new thing for this pregnancy? I think you look great. I'm impressed you can look that great with hypothyroidism and gaining more than with Jaxon. I get SO huge when I am pregnant without any of that!!!

  2. You are beautiful! I hope it goes well for you!

  3. Your belly is so adorable. Along with the rest of you of course!