Monday, November 8, 2010

Crazy weekend....





We started off the weekend in heaven! We love taking Jaxon camping! Mark was able to take the day off so we could head out early and set up camp. Everybody had a good time even though it got really COLD. It was nice to relax the next morning before heading back home for a long nap. That was the good part of the weekend.
The not so good part:
-Jaxon getting a really hi fever
-not getting to go to church
-Mark being on call and hating his job
-feeling super crappy (probably from all the inhaled smoke while camping)
-our brakes needing to be fixed
-having to spend the morning at the doctor
-being cooped up not able to be out enjoying the beautiful weather

Hopefully Jaxon's fever will stop coming back so that we can enjoy some part of this week.

On that note....planning Thanksgiving menu and Christmas baking list!!! So excited!!!!
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  1. We went camping this weekend too! But I have to say your locations is WAY prettier than ours! Where did you go, that is a beautiful picture! Hope Jaxon feels better and the baking is delightful!!

  2. Beautiful picture! Jaxon is adorable! Glad you were able to go. I hope Jaxon feels better soon! Love you guys!