Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Little Miracle

No doubt thanks to fasting and prayer from many of our family members and friends, things are on the up. At my doctor's appointment yesterday the ultrasound showed that my fluids went from a 7 to 9.9 which my doctor said was great. (so the torture of drinking and peeing more than humanly possible payed off!) I also did a NST and her heart is doing great. Of course the little lady chose to be stubborn and didn't take her "practice breaths" during the super long ultrasound so I have to go back in for another one today, but I'm sure everything is fine. The plan now is that I also go back next Monday and do all of this all over again to see where I am at. BUT in the mean time....NO BED REST or hospital!!!! Assuming everything is still okay Monday, I will go back at the Monday after that (36 weeks) to measure her belly and if she is still measuring too small and not getting enough nutrients we will set a date for the following week (37 weeks) do induce. So we will see. We are beyond grateful that things have improved and that she is able to stay inside that much longer to mature and grow before she joins our family here. I am so grateful to all of you and for all of our blessings:)


  1. That is a miracle. I love you! I put your name and Mark's too in the temple today. :-)

  2. Yay! I can't believe she could be here in two weeks?? I love the picture in your heading, such a good looking couple!

  3. I had no idea. I feel so out of the loop being clear in MI. It sounds like we had the opposite problem with Brooklyn. So glad to hear things are looking much better. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.