Friday, December 10, 2010

Spoiled Rotten!!!

I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of time and hard work my dear friend Jenna put into throwing this baby shower for me and Miriam. She is such an angel and I cannot thank her enough. It was absolutely perfect! Every little detail was done to perfection and I can't wait for little Miriam to see pictures of it when she grows up:) Love you Jenna!

It was so nice to spend the afternoon celebrating this little girl with so many of my dear family members and friends. Miriam has no idea how lucky she is to come into this world with so many people in it who already love her and she isn't even here yet. Thank you to everyone who made the day so special to me. I feel...yes......SO VERY BLESSED!!!!


  1. I love seeing all the pictures! Mom couldn't say enough great things about the shower. So fun to see it all. Friends are such a great blessing. I am so happy that she did so much for you. Wish I could have been there. I can't wait to see Miriam. :-)I love you guys!

  2. Love your family pics! And your friend Jenna is beyond talented! I will probably steal every idea, especially LOVE the ribbon tree.Brilliant!!! Cant wait to see this beautiful baby girl. Hope things go well. Luv you guys!