Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No words


This is what I walked in on.........
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It is hard to believe that Miriam is two months old already. I have a feeling she will be my "baby" for a long time because she is just so tiny! She now weighs a whopping SEVEN POUNDS, and is 19 and a quarter inches long. It makes me feel like she is my newborn still, and then she starts cooing and smiling and I remember what a "big" girl she is. She has put herself on a schedule(for now of course, bound to change when I just get used to it)...she eats at about 6:30 pm and then is out by 7:30. She will then stay asleep until 12:30 or 1, eat and then go back down until about 4 to eat and then go back down again. It started this week and is sooooo much better than being up all night every night. However, I am still looking forward to her being able to go all night, no matter how far ahead in the future it might be.
She loves:
to be free
changing her diaper
baby talk (which I hate doing but do anyway to get a smile)
her pepsid (I guess it tastes good compared to formula)
and anyone who gives her attention.

She hates:
her carseat
being swaddled (even though she won't sleep without it)
any other binky than "her" binky (I've tried to switch her to a cuter one, it ain't happening!)
going out
quiet( she is already used to the loud boys in the house, if it gets too quiet she wakes up)

We love this little angel!!!
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V-Day Family Style





Our Valentines day consisted of:

making a heart attack for daddy,
a sweet baby girl
and a big brother,
leftover lasagna (the best, from my mom),
a blanket and a patio,
And my BEST friend.

Perfect Valentines Day.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sweet Innocence

Every night part of Jaxon's bedtime routine is to read a verse with us from the scriptures. It really is cute. He started saying things like "and behold"...adorable! We realize that he doesn't understand the words we read, but it is good practice. Last night Mark pulled our Bible Story Illustrations book (a series) out of the attic so we could start reading it with Jaxon. We read these as kids and my mom recently gave them to us.

A flood of emotions poured over me as I opened the pages to a familiar smell from my childhood. And here I was about to share this with my own son. We read a page or two as Jaxon looked at the pictures and then it was off to bed.

Today while we were playing cars on laundry basket, Jaxon spotted the book under the couch (where we keep it for easy access for our nightly routine). He grabbed it and asked me to read more. We snuggled up on the couch and started looking at more of the pictures and stories while I tried to explain what was going on as simply as I could put into words.

As we got to the part where Jesus was on the cross, I hesitated to show and explain only because he is so little and I didn't want him to be scared. My hesitation was quickly replaced with a sense of peace about teaching my son. So I told him that Jesus died on the cross for us. He looked up at me and said, "why Jesus die on the cross?" It was such a beautiful moment for me to look down at him and tell him that Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected so that mommy, daddy, Jaxon, and Miriam could all live together again with Him and our Heavenly Father in Heaven.

Such a beautiful teaching moment.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I LOVE snow!





I was totally disapointed that we were not going to get to play in the snow like last year.....BUT I was wrong!!!! I was patiently waiting for Mark to wake up this morning...Jaxon and I already dressed and ready to go. We had to take turns since it is WAY too cold for little ol' Miriam to venture outside yet. Some pictures of our happy outing...
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Living in Texas

I always thought I wanted to move up north and live in the cold. I really do HATE heat. But then I sit back and think how I would miss out on things like this. I love that my sister and I live so close and that our kids get to play together and that we get to be there for each other. I just wish that all of my brothers and sisters lived close enough to enjoy it with us.
Love you guys.

My New Life

I love this boy.
I love this girl.
I have TWO children.
I am a lucky girl:)