Sunday, March 13, 2011

Newborn/3 month old



If you can believe it this little beauty is three months old today! She is over 7 pounds now so she has officially reached the size of most people's newborns! Don't be fooled though...
This little girl:

LOVES attention (pretty much an attention hog these days!)
discovered her hands (so funny how they go crossed eyed sometimes when they look at them)
enjoys diaper changes ( I know, weird)
will be awake up to two hours at a time now
rolled over twice during tummy time in the last week
hates being held forward or the bijorn but loves to be held over the shoulder
fights her sleep!!
sleeps better when it is noisy (thanks to Jaxon and daddy)
Coos and smiles all day long, love it!

In Jaxon's words,"she so cute!"
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  1. Those picture are beautiful! She is so alert, which is kind of funny when she's so tiny that she looks like she should still be the sleepy little newborn.

  2. I was looking at some pics I took while I was there and I was thinking how much I miss you guys. I so wish I lived closer and could enjoy your guys more often. Thank you so much for sharing so much time with me. These are amazingly beautiful pictures. I love you all!