Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Brother, Little Sister

We had these cute shirts for the kids so I wanted to take a picture.
(never works out how you picture it!)
But as a result Jaxon wants to hold Miriam every morning now and tells me to take a picture. Silly kid.


  1. SO cute!!! I love the last one where you can see both shirts. Miriam looks SO happy! Awww!

  2. Again, my kids better be as cute as yours! They are both growing so much!

  3. A. I can't believe how big Jaxon is getting--he's starting to look like a kid and not a toddler!! B. You realize that Miriam's chicken legs will translate into having thin, beautiful legs for the rest of her life, right? : )

  4. Those are fabulous! I love Miriam's facial expression in the last one. So happy! Love Jaxon's face in the first one. Who does that remind me of? Hmmm. Love you!!!