Friday, June 3, 2011


It is pretty sad that we have only lived in this house for 3 years and we have filled EVERY nook and cranny possible. I decided it was time to clean house. Yes....I was crazy and had a garage sale. It was sweet success.
-getting rid of our crappy IKEA bed. (don't get me wrong, their beds look really nice, but not so comfy)
-Crazy lady showing up the day before giving me a sob story, so I lied(sorry) and told her that our sale was to pay off our daughters hospital bills. I totally would not have done it but she tried to run off taking extra stuff and not paying me!
-Jaxon spraying people with the hose
-Thinking a lady was saying "fa chipa" but really saying "for cheaper". It only took me like 5 tries.
-feeling like I accomplished something:)
-my mom helping out with it and the kids!

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  1. What a cute picture of your mom and Miriam. She is growing so much. I heard it was a success. I love that you said it was paying for your hospital bills. You did have hospital bills to pay for her. :-)