Monday, September 26, 2011

On a roll!

So of course I can't find my before picture, but here is a chair that I finally redid. I bought it at a garage sale with Jenna months ago and it was a piece of crap. Scratches all over, ugly brown, and the seat was just wicker. So, I sanded….then primed…spray paint, and spray paint laquer. To add the finishing touches I covered the wicker seat with foam and pretty fabric. Not too bad for my first furniture re-do????
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Cheap is my middle name!

I was about to toss my old crappy throw pillows in the trash…then I decided to just recover them myself and save a pretty penny. I am doing it slowly…one at a time, but here are three I have already done. The second picture is what they used to look like. Such an easy beginner sewing project…and I did them as pillow pockets so I can take them off and wash them!!!! I tell Jaxon to smile and this is what I get:(

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Alive Again

Finally sleeps through the night!! It only took nine whole months!!
Finally eats more than 3 ounces at a time
pulls up on things
got her first tooth!
starting taking toys and chasing her brother around
So much more happy now that she can eat and sleep like a normal baby:)

Thank you insurance!!! This just arrived in the mail today. This only cost us $62 instead of a whopping $600!! So grateful for insurance!
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's all I talk about, but it's my life...and I love it.

hanging out with Papa:)My kids. Those two little beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed babes are my life. I wouldn't want it any other way.

UPDATE: Little Miriam is on the up and up. Grateful for so many thoughts and prayers that have come her way. After many doctors appointments and switching to another Pediatrician she was put on an amino acid based formula called Neocate. We are thinking she has a milk protein allergy. She was also put on two new medications. One of them, a strong antacid, and the other is used to coat the lining of her stomach; both for her severe reflux. I think between these three things, she is starting to recover. Today was the first day I felt like I had my baby back! She was soooo happy and she actually wanted to eat. I know it sounds like something silly, but it really is a HUGE blessing!! We still meet with the GI specialist on Wednesday, but for now, we are enjoying watching our munchkin be able to eat and be "normal".