Saturday, October 1, 2011


What a nice day!! We started off sleeping in until 7:30 !!!!! Yes you read that right! That never happens!

We headed to Old Settler's park to join in an ultimate frisbee game...only the boy was REALLY wanting dad time so we ended up just playing around outside and chatting.

Mark took Jaxon with him to Home Depot to get wood to make a workbench and they ended up staying for the kids class. Jaxon got to make a helicopter. He has been playing with it all day:)

The best part of the day was conference. Let's, be honest....with kids it is pretty hard to listen to all of the sessions, but today we were pleasantly surprised. Jaxon played nice and quietly and asked random questions here and there while Miriam entertained herself on the floor for the WHOLE time! Mark and I actually got to listen! A miracle! The two topics that struck me personally today were geneology, and families. If I have enough time to sit and write a blog post then I have enough time to do a little family history work. I was also thinking alot about families and the world that we live in. Now that we have a little boy and a little girl I have had many people (most of them strangers) say "oh how you can be done". It is really sad to me that we live in a world now that looks down upon having children. Believe me when I say I do not plan on having 7 kids, but I do want to have more. I think it was nice to be reminded today that traveling, jobs, money, etc.... are not more important than families. Anyways, just a few of the things that I have been thinking about:) Can't wait to hear more tomorrow.


  1. Julie! Mom probably told you, but I am in a family history class and I love it!!! I know I am not an expert, but it is pretty easy, if you ever have a question maybe I can even help you!

  2. I love that picture of Jaxon. He is so awesome! What a great weekend. We used to do the home depot with the kids all the time. I love the aprons and it is so much fun! Miss you guys!