Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stuck….it's a good thing.

Mark and I are both from here. His parents live 10 min. down the road in Round Rock and my parents live 15 min. down the road in Austin. As a result our children have been raised seeing their grandparents ALL the time. I realized lately that I totally take this for granted sometimes. There are so many of my friends that live here with no family by them. My kids usually see both sets of grandparents at least once a week…not to mention the nice perk of babysitting for us all of the time. Growing up I did not live close to either set of my grandparents and I ached for it all of the time. After having children and being close to mine, I really don't think I could EVER move away. We are totally spoiled and I love that my kids have been able to form such a special bond with each of them at such a young age. We love grammy, grandma, papa, and papa!!!

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  1. Great pics. I wish we lived closer. Really wish we lived closer. We had so much fun with you this summer. We miss you lots! :-)