Friday, December 30, 2011

Lots of Christmas pic's with more to come...

Jaxon "water skiing" with Stephen
Craziness opening presents at Mark's parents Christmas night
putting ornaments back on grandma's tree

right before she crawled under the tree!
My sweet boy Ozzy always has to get comfortable:)
Christmas dinner
Gotta get some wrestle time in with Uncle Nick
Only picture I have of us at my mom's before my battery died. My sister is gonna send us more. We had so much fun though eating appetizers, caroling, and opening presents:)
Mark's parents joined us Christmas morning and Jaxon had to help everyone open their presents
Tired girl snuggling in her new blanket Aunt Tami made her:)

The Tree!
Looks like Santa came

For some reason Miriam liked standing and sitting on top of all of her presents instead of actually playing with them....

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  1. What great pictures! I love that you shared them all. I miss you guys lots! Love you all! Merry Christmas!