Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nicky Pooh turns 30!

For Nick's 30th birthday we got the best news! He matched and will be heading to the University of Utah for his residency. He is doing family practice with emphasis in sports medicine at the end. We couldn't be more proud of him. Lucky us got to spend his birthday with him! Partaaaayyyyy!!!

Making music videos with Grammy

This is what we do every time we get together and eat too much: lay around while the kids play around us:) Love it!

Patty Cake with Grammy

Snuggle Bug Hayden

Pretty Kaiya!

Happy Birthday Nick! We love you!!

A little love after nap


We took the kids down to the carnival at the dell diamond. We had so much fun. Jaxon got to go on his first farris wheel ride with dad, and he loved it!! We got to go on a little roller coaster and play games. Good times!

Cutest tushies!

These kids Love bath time. I say bath and they come running!!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Jaxon's class at school made a really cool robot out of recycled material:)

Monday, March 19, 2012


Pretty much everyday I catch Miriam doing things that Jaxon used to do when he was her age

She pretty much looks like a boy when she doesn't have a bow and girl clothes on!!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Family Experiment

Since Miriam was born we haven't done any overnight family activities so we decided to make a weekend trip to the Waco zoo. I had the kids packed and ready to go when Mark came home at 1 on Friday. It was perfect. They slept the whole way there!
When we got to the hotel we played around a bit and then went for our first swim of the year in the indoor pool. Jaxon rediscovered his love for swimming and Mark for the hot tub.

We were worried about how the kids would do staying in a hotel, but they did relatively well. After talking to herself for an hour and a half Miriam fell asleep on her own in the pack and play. Jaxon was a little bit more difficult to put down, but once he was settled we actually got a full nights sleep, (minus one little feeding at 3). We woke up, ate breakfast, had a morning swim, and headed to the zoo. We got there when it opened and it was the best because:

There was pretty much no one there!

I was so proud of this little lady! She stayed in her stroller the whole time!!!
They had an awesome play area for kids. In the summer it has water splash too.
Look at those two handsome devils! I am one lucky lady!

Seriously huge!
They had fun little things for kids in most of the exhibits. This was the slide through the otters habitat. The otters were swimming around showing off while they went down the slide.
The Owls were ADORABLE!
Miriam LOVED the elephants!!

Lots of fun spots for the kids to play
The gong
I totally recommend this zoo! It was perfect for our kids. It took us about an hour and a half to walk through all of the exhibits and I was so proud of our kids! They didn't lose it until we made it back to the parking lot and tried to take a picture. They had a blast though, and Mark and I loved it too.