Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Binkies are the GREATEST thing when your kids are babes, and the WORST thing ever when they get old enough and have to be taken away!!  Miriam turned two in December and was way way way too attached to her binky.  We had to do it.  Last night we had a conversation with her and she helped us cut them and put them in the trash.  After an hour of full blown screaming, thrashing around in her crib, and a dose of tylenol she did it.  Sweet sleep through the whole night.  She even woke up happy and had a great day!  She talked more too!  Now it is nap time.  I am writing this as she has been doing the same thing she did last night for thirty minutes now and is screaming, "mommy I want that!!!!" over and over with some banging of something in between.  Torture.  I just want to snuggle her up in my arms and give her that stupid binky....... but I won't:(


  1. Aww so sad!!! I can just imagine her strong little cry!!

  2. Her big cry! Good luck, Ju. Love you!

  3. Aww. I can't tell you how many times I would sit outside my kids room and cry because they were learning something, be it sleep through the night, get rid of the binky, etc. Hugs to you. You are a fabulous mom!