Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A LONG time!!

I can't believe I haven't written all year pretty much!  A lot has gone on but I haven't really been taking pictures and I can't even begin to try and catch up.  So here are just a few of the things that have been going on.   

I have been loving this boy!  He is the best big brother, and always so thoughtful!  Anytime he sees me lay down, no matter where it is(the couch, floor, chair, bed) he will bring me a blanket and ask to snuggle.    

 One of the hardest things to happen was the one year mark of my brother's passing.  We finally got his headstone in and it looks great(not a good picture it was wet).  May 12 just so happen to be mother's day this year and of course Mark's birthday.  So we celebrated Mark several days before because we knew that day was going to be hard.  We got together as a family and spent the whole day together.  We were at the cemetery for several hours and it was lovely.  We read letters from our family that were not able to be there with us.  It still doesn't seem real most days.... I miss you Nathan.

 Our most exciting news as of late is that we are expecting another little girl Sept. 28th.  I'll admit, I kinda had my heart set on a little boy but am getting more excited by the day.  Also don't know why it kept posting upside down:(

 Jaxon had his end of year school program and it was adorable!  He has just loved having Ms. Chavira two years in a row!!
Mark and I never went anywhere for our anniversary this year so my awesome sister and husband took our kids for TWO days so we could stay at a hotel on the river walk.  It was sooo nice to sleep and sleep and sleep!  Thanks again Jenny!