Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Piece of Heaven in our Home

Avery Blair Allen

I'll try my best to make a long story short.....
-was in the hospital at 35 1/2 weeks pregnant dilated to a four, they stopped my contractions, sent home on bed rest for a couple of days....good after that.
-back in the hospital at 37 1/2 weeks at 4 1/2 but having regular contractions every three minutes for several hours.  They eventually slowed down.  Came home.
-38 weeks 4 days....THE REAL DEAL.  Started having contractions at 7pm...Mark forced me to go to the hospital.  When I got there I was at a 7 and already DYING!  I wanted them to give me the epidural right then and there, but of course these things take time.  By the time they were able to give it to me I was at 9/10 cm.  Right after I got it, they literally got me ready to push.  It was the most painful thing I have ever been through, but I was lucky that from start to finish my delivery was 3 1/2 hours.  After 9 pushes, little Avery Blair was born at 10:30pm weighing in at 7 pounds 6 ounces and 18 inches long.  She has literally been an angel ever since!!
-She eats like a champ
-sleeps like a champ
-hardly cries

Photos compliments of our good friend Jessica Shumway! (jshumwayphotos.com) She snapped these few precious moments when visiting us in the hospital.  Thanks Jess!!


  1. precious photos!! i love her already!

  2. She is so precious. I can't wait to meet her love you guys lots.

  3. Awww!! I can't wait to hold her again!!