Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Avery is 4 1/2 months old already!  Time goes way too fast!!  Our little chunk is just the happiest baby ever!  At her check up her stats came in at 70% for weight and something like 50% height and 80% head.  She is an adorable chunky monkey!!  She still doesn't sleep through the night but is just a joy when she is awake that it totally makes up for it.  
This month I finally feel like we are getting back to a little more of a "normal" around here since having a baby.  We have had lots of time playing with family and friends.  We even had a couple of snow days in the last week and the kids and I have been in heaven!!

4 Months!!

Jenny, London, and Avery at Safari Champ

Avery and sweet Audora!

They were ready to play!
Two cuties staying warm!

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  1. Great family pictures! I love you guys! So much!!!